We went to Cuba in April of 2018 before our Political leaders decided we were not a as free as we thought we were and now can not take a cruise to Cuba. It is great way to make a short visit to the wonderful island. I have traveled a lot and have come to believe that it is not landscapes that cause me to travel to another country, but the people. That is not to say that I do not enjoy beautiful landscapes, I do, but the important part of travel is the interconnection between us as Americans and the local population of another country. We are all a lot like as people. The same desires and goals for ourselves and our families and so forth. 

I so enjoyed the limited interaction I had with the Cubans. A fun and friendly people. They may be poor with material things but they are rich with culture and art. Moreover in 2020 they are celebrating there 500th year since the founding of the country, so they have done something right over the years. I would encourage everyone who enjoys great food and good music to pay a visit. It may be a bit more challenging now with some of the restrictions placed on the cruises that can go but it can be done. We will return in another year of so.


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